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Grief & Loss

Help for when grief and loss throw you off balance

It’s human nature to feel a sense of grief and loss in response to any event in your life that results in change.

We’re all different, so how we experience it and what causes it can vary greatly.

It’s not only about bereavement.

The symptoms of grief and loss act as a stressor on your body. This can throw you off balance.

When difficult emotions are involved it’s not always easy to recover your balance.


How homeopathy can help

You get the space to talk about what’s been going on for you and how it’s affecting you day to day.

Carefully chosen remedies will gently address the cause and symptoms of your grief or loss.

Support remedies and homeobotanicals will help you with any day to day symptoms and any other areas of concern for you.


My personal experience with grief and loss

Supporting people through their grief and loss is something very close to my heart.

My parents both died when I was in my early thirties. That loss affected me deeply.

Homeopathy played a big part in helping me work through my grief.

If you’d like to have a chat about your own situation, get in touch or book a free Discovery Call. Everything we discuss is confidential.


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