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What to expect

What to expect at your first consultation

I offer a safe and welcoming space for you to talk about what’s going on for you.

You can talk about anything you need to. Everything we discuss is confidential.

There’s no limit to the number of things you can tell me about.

We’ll also talk about your sleep and energy levels, your medical history, your temperament and other things too. This means I can get a picture of you as a whole person and not just a list of your symptoms.

I’ll explain the approach I think we need to take. This might include addressing certain lifestyle factors, but I’ll support you with these things too.

I’ll decide on which homeopathic remedies and homeobotanical herbal drops are best suited to you. Depending on the situation, this may be at the end of your consultation or a few days later.

At the end of the consultation, I hope you will feel that you’ve been given the space you need to talk and that you’ve been heard and understood. I hope you will feel calmer and clearer about your situation and how you can move forward.

I usually suggest a follow up consultation after 4-6 weeks. We’ll discuss this at the end of your initial consultation. I also offer a free 15 minute phone call between appointments so you can let me know how you’re getting on.


If you have any other questions about working with me you can take a look at the FAQ page or book a free Discovery Call to find out more.