Do you have any anxieties, self-doubt or negative ideas about yourself that stop you leading a happy and fulfilled life?

One of the most life-changing decisions I’ve made was to do something about my anxiety and deep-rooted lack of self-worth. I started working on this over 10 years ago. Initially with counselling and then with homeopathy.

It was a big decision but it’s been so worth it.

Outwardly you wouldn’t know the difference, but the change on the inside is enormous.

Truly life-changing. Health-changing too.

No more IBS. No more heading towards a stomach ulcer. No more constant state of high-alert just waiting for criticism.

I just remembered a thought that went through my head about 16 years ago. It’s about something seemingly trivial, but is an example of how I lived in my head and in a near constant state of fight or flight when I wasn’t at home with my husband or with some very close friends or family.

It goes something like this. It’s in the final months of my first pregnancy. We’re in the process of getting  all the things you need when you have your first baby. I find out about a Nearly New Sale for clothes and equipment for babies and children. For a moment I think “what a great idea”. Then I think “but I haven’t had the baby yet – what if someone asks why I’m there?”. We never went.

It sounds ridiculous now, but I used to have this sort of constant questioning and belittling dialogue in my head most of the time. It wasn’t the sort of thing I discussed with anyone as I didn’t realise that it didn’t have to be like that.

It’s a horrible place to be. Really horrible.

But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Do you have any anxieties, self-doubt or negative ideas about yourself that stop you leading a happy and fulfilled life?

If you do then perhaps this is the time to be brave and ask for help.

The Spring is a great time of year to begin working on issues of insecurities and depression. Everything outside is coming to life and the days are getting longer.

Think about how good it would feel to approach next Winter without the weight of your past dragging you down.

If you would like to find out more about having a consultation with me to address your anxiety, depression and any other related symptoms, please get in touch so we can talk. Everything we discuss is confidential.

I offer a free, no obligation 30-minute Introductory Call so you can ask any questions you have and see if you think I’m the right person to help you through this.

If you think I am, we can book you in for your initial consultation or work out a package of treatment so that we can work together over the next few months.

You can reach me at or you can give me a call on 07734 922129 (if I can’t pick up I’ll get back to you as soon as I can).

You can also book an Introductory Call here.

Sarah x

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