Earlier this year, a common misconception about the contraceptive pill came to light. In fact several ‘myths’ about the pill were revealed.

​Myths about the contraceptive pill

Earlier this year, a common misconception about the contraceptive pill came to light. In fact several ‘myths’ about the pill were revealed.

As an alternative healthcare practitioner with a particular interest in women’s health, I hope that bringing this story to light will encourage more women to explore all the options available when it comes to their hormones.

I urge you to read the article “Nine major myths about the pill – from cancer to weight gain”  by Holly Grigg-Spall published in The Guardian on 25th February 2019. I think it’s likely that many of you will be surprised by what you read.

I am especially interested in raising awareness about the second myth that Grigg-Spall discusses – Will the pill regulate my periods?

I regularly come across women that started taking the contraceptive pill in their teens to help ‘regulate’ their heavy/painful/irregular periods.

In fact, the bleeds you experience on the pill are not menstruation at all, but the response of your body to the 7 day withdrawal each month from the synthetic hormones that make up the pill.

Your own cycle has been completely suppressed.

In fact, Lara Briden, author of the Period Repair Manual actually describes the state of being on the pill as being like a “chemically induced menopause”.

I believe it’s important for a woman to make decisions about her health from an informed position – knowing all the options available to her. Too often we only know about the mainstream options.

  • Is this something that affects you, or perhaps your daughter or a friend?
  • Are you struggling with symptoms linked to your hormones?
  • Heavy, painful or irregular periods?
  • Tiredness, nausea or headaches?
  • Acne or sleep issues?
  • Perhaps you are approaching the menopause?

If you would like to try a natural approach to balancing your hormones and any other related symptoms then I can help you:

  • find your natural balance by addressing any symptoms linked to your hormones
  • help to remove any emotional blocks that are keeping you unbalanced
  • because of the way homeopathy works, you can expect improved sleep and a boost in your energy levels and sense of well-being too. 🙂

I offer a safe, calm and caring environment for you to talk and everything we discuss is confidential.

If you’re thinking – is this for me? – then contact me to arrange a free 30 minute Discovery Call so we can chat about your situation. If you prefer you can book it online.

What my clients have said after working with me.

“I feel more balanced since my first appointment and calmer too.”

“My period has settled into a regular pattern now and I feel fine when I have it. No more pain-killers and no bloating.”

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah x

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