​Here are a few ways you could show yourself some love this Valentines day (and everyday).

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day (and everyday)

1. Put your own oxygen mask on before you try to take on the world!Anyone reading this post is likely to have multiple roles and responsibilities in their life.

However, we’re also our own person.

To be the best you can be at all your other roles you need to look after you first.

Think about the aircraft safety talk – put your own oxygen mask on before you try and help anyone else with their own.

You shouldn’t feel guilty about that, it’s just common sense.

2. Try JOMO not FOMO!

The concept of the Joy Of Missing Out will help you to be a much happier and more content person than The Fear Of Missing Out. Honestly.

Try finding some time to think about what’s important to you and and set yourself some personal goals.

Worrying about what everyone else is up to is more likely to make you anxious and unfulfilled.

3. Be perfectly imperfect.

Take some chances in your life – if you wait for everything to be perfect you’re likely to be waiting a long time.

It’s okay to make a mistake.

I used to really struggle with this. I know from experience that it can lead to a lot of pressure and anxiety.

I wouldn’t blame someone else for making a mistake or if something wasn’t quite perfect, would you?

Why should you give yourself that pressure? When you can accept that no-one is perfect it’s a lot easier to feel happy with who you are. It also makes setting a few personal goals an easier thing to do as you’re in a better head-space to take some risks.

If you are interested in finding out about the ways in which I can work with you to leave your anxieties behind and live your life to the full I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

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​Sarah x

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